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There is a huge wealth of knowledge in our membership and we felt it would be good to share it.

We can all learn new things and those new to gardening, others wanting to try growing different plants, or have moved to different soil type or aspect etc, might like to have a little help.

Yes, we have lectures, and there are local garden centres and local/adult educational training programmes. It may also be difficult to pick peoples brains at Monday evening lectures or know whom to ask, so we thought that smaller more informal gatherings might meet this need.

The idea is to find members, who are willing to share knowledge, skills and plants, who could host an afternoon, morning or perhaps evening (in the summer) in their own home. The numbers attending would be restricted to the host’s facilities eg. (4-10) and the type of activity.

There would be a small charge for attending to cover costs (refreshments and/or materials) any surplus can go towards the Fagus charity.

When we have organised any of these events we will announce them at an evening meeting this year. It will also give members a chance to meet different people.
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