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A beautiful garden surrounded by its own farmland with a moated Manor House and 40 acres of garden, designed and managed by the family since 1678. Built on a sand dune in the east of the Netherlands in the style of an English garden.

A majestic tulip tree  Liriodendron tulipifera is planted near the house, apparently protecting the house from lightning due to its height.

The old pleasure garden has been turned into a wild meadow, lined by many Rhododendrons planted at the beginning of the 20th Century with a view into the distance via a ha-ha.  Espalier pears furnish the House walls.

The landscape is manipulated by Douglas Firs Pseudotsuga menziesii on either side with light foliage trees beyond to create the illusion of distance.  Walking through the meadow we discovered some Camassia esculenta (Quamash) on the way to a circle among the trees with statues in four directions and a charming view of the house through the trees. We passed a lovely umbrella pine, Sciadopitys verticillata.
The original formal garden included four rectangular ponds which have been converted into a more natural setting by changing two into a circle and the other two joined together to make a kidney shape lake. The sludge from the ponds was used to make hills on this otherwise flat area.

We passed through a “Hidcote” gate to the productive kitchen garden where we also saw lovely ferns, especially Adiantum pedatum with their wiry black stems. Outside the vegetable garden were two Mespilus germanica and another wonderful vista with a statue.

After walking through a serpentine tunnel of beech we came to an impressive fountain surrounded by ferns and hostas. Then a glimpse of a pleached lime screen behind a thatched summer house.
Going through an 1878 green gate the garden eventually opened out into a formal box edged area.  We then came to a sunken garden with pond and small statue, also a summer house, a pergola clothed in Vitis coignetiae and borders of soft planting.

The overall impression was a garden at peace with nature where different vistas delight at every turn. An English gem set in the Dutch countryside,

What a gem of a garden to find in the Netherlands.

Sheila White
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