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This historic  house is set within Windsor Great Park, 1 mile from Windsor Castle. We  were lucky with the weather and were met by three guides to show us  around in three groups.  Firstly a little of its history:

The house at  Frogmore was built for Anne Aldworth and her husband Thomas May in about  1680 and the estate first came into royal ownership in the mid  sixteenth century.  It passed through many crown tenants before being  bought for Queen Charlotte in 1792 (consort to George III). The house  was extended and altered and was used as a retreat by Queen Charlotte  everyday. When she died (1818) the estate passed to her eldest unmarried  daughter Princess Augusta and most of the contents were sold in  auctions by Christies in 1819 to benefit all the daughters. The land  (about 350 acres) was bought by the crown from Princess Augusta’s  Executors and annexed to the royal estates at Windsor by an Act of  Parliament.

Queen  Victoria’s mother used the house for 20 years and is buried in a small  mausoleum, near Prince Albert and Queen Victoria’s larger one, in the  grounds.

Queen Victoria  and later Royalty used the house regularly, and King George VI first  opened the Gardens to the public, in aid of the Queen’s District Nurses.  The Residence and principal rooms were opened to the public in summer  1990.  It is no longer a royal residence but is used frequently by the  family.

The  building houses all sorts of interesting artefacts made or used by the  family. In the early 20th century Queen Mary was instrumental in using  Frogmore as a museum for family souvenirs, bygones, and odds and ends;  these are fascinating. During the restoration during the 1980’s it was  decided to rearrange and redecorate certain rooms to show the principal  phases of the house’s occupation from the early 18th C to the mid 20th  C.
Queen  Victoria’s tearoom is a small picturesque building in the southeastern  corner of the landscaped gardens dating from1869-70.
The house is well worth a visit.
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