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What a disappointment. I remember these gardens as a plantsman’s paradise, owned by  a delightful  enthusiastic couple.
Sadly the house and garden have been sold to someone who obviously wishes to attempt to make money out of visitors to the garden. Brash banners at the entrance to the garden say it all.  Unfortunately plantaholics tend to over plant and as the years go by the tree canopy becomes too dense for the understorey to survive.
Drastic measures are required before the shrub and herbacerous layers suffer irreparable damage, as has already occurred here.

A new Winter Garden plopped in the middle of a field held little promise of a rosy future for the garden with shade loving plants planted in full sun.
The treasure trove that was once the nursery is now typical of the average garden centre. All bread and butter with little or no jam (let alone any Cornish Clotted Cream!)

Cornish gardens need to pull up their socks. There can be colour in a garden after Camellias and Rhododendrons have finished but the Cornish gardeners rest on their laurels (or rhododendrons) too much and make little effort to please late summer visitors save for a few wonderfully blue hydrangeas.
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