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There is  always an interesting and full programme of garden visits.  Places are  always limited and often fill up quickly.  Visits are announced in the  Newsletter and bookings are by post only. Details will be enclosed with the Newsletter. Due to the high demand for garden trips, only  members will be  able to apply in the first instance. Guests will be  placed on a waiting list. After 6 weeks from the date of member  application, guests will  be allocated any remaining places.

Click on the camera icon to see pictures from previous visits.
Programme of Garden Visits
The Outings Committee have been working hard on your behalf sourcing some outstanding gardens for you to enjoy. Save the dates and watch out for all the details and application forms in the Newsletters.

There are no trips or garden visits planned for the remainder of 2020. We will let you know as soon as this changes

Essential Trip Information
Urgent Trip Information

  1. For trips, if  you have not received a slip in lieu of a ticket two weeks before the  trip, please contact the organisers to confirm you are on the trip. We  have had one or two trips where people have turned up who have not been  on the list.
  2. Please make  sure that for overnight trips, you enclose at least an A5 stamped  addressed envelope for all the information that needs to be sent to you.


There  has lately been some confusion on the cancellation procedures of trips  that members have already booked. Please note it will be assumed that  unless previous notification is given to a trip organiser that you will  be ready to board the coach at the given time. Prior notification will  enable your place to be offered to someone on the waiting list and if  this is taken up then it is more than likely you will receive your money  back. If there are no people on the waiting list then any reimbursement  will be assessed at the end of the trip when all costs have been  covered.

If  you are not present to board the coach at the given time, due to time  constraints, we will leave without you and no refund will be made.  If  for some unforeseen circumstance you are unable to make the trip at the  last moment please endeavour to contact the organiser/s on their mobile  phone so they are not waiting for you to turn up so that the trip can  leave on time and not inconvenience members who are ready to go.

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