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Why Join Fagus?


Listening  to gardening experts on a wide range of subjects is the main reason for  joining Fagus.  Lectures are held on the third Monday of the month in  the Methodist Hall, Silver Street Nailsea, 7.30pm for an 8.00pm start.   Arrive before the talk and book a garden visit, chat to fellow members and see what is on the notice board.

Fagus  hold 9 to 10 lectures each year: there is no lecture in December. The  Annual General Meeting is held in February, and in either June or July  the lecture is replaced with a summer social event.

We  try to cover as wide a range of topics as possible to cater for all  tastes from specific plant lectures, travelogues, garden design and  topics of a more general horticultural nature.  Each talk lasts about 1  to 1 1/4 hours and the evening is concluded by any business  announcements.

Most  years there will be a special lecture with a well-known speaker.  These  events are very popular and are usually ticket only, with members being  given priority. In recent years guest speakers have included Chris  Beardshaw, Dan Pearson, Jekka McVicar and Carol Klein.

Garden Visits

Fagus  organises garden visits throughout the year.  Priority booking is given  to members but if there are spare places guests are very welcome. Often the aim of the visits is to see 'less public' gardens.  Garden  visits are announced in the Fagus Newsletter and can be booked by post  or at the monthly meetings.  The cost of each visit is based on the  number attending.

Day Visits
Day visits are usually to two gardens and, if possible, for one of the gardens to have a nursery attached.

Short Breaks
Fagus  also organise visits lasting one or more nights to gardens further a  field, both at home and abroad.  The itinerary ensures that each day is  used fully to visit gardens or nurseries so that those special plants  can be purchased.  In past years Fagus has visited Brittany, Italy,  Ireland, Scotland and Wales.


Every member receives a newsletter, which is produced three times a year, usually March, June and November, informing them of forthcoming lectures, garden visits, and Fagus news.

Members are very welcome to contribute to the newsletter and to advertise charity open garden events. Articles must be submitted at least one month prior to publication; copy deadlines and editors contact details are in the newsletter.

We are very grateful to Nigel North at Middlecombe Nurseries, Wrington for sponsoring the Newsletter.

Social Events

Fagus aims to hold one social event each summer.

In past years this has taken the form of a garden party or a cream tea at the home of one of our members.

This is a very good way to get to know other members. Tickets are sold prior to the event and members are very welcome to bring guests.

See pictures from past events:

Plant Sales

Members  are welcome to bring along their surplus plants to sell at monthly  meetings.
To ensure that plant sales are always of a high standard the following rules must be observed:

Plant Quality
  • All plants should be cleanly presented and free from loose compost/earth.
  • Plants  for sale should be established in their pots and not newly potted i.e.  the roots should have reached the sides of the pot.
  • Every pot/bundle should have a label showing the following:
    • Name of plant on the front of the label
    • Price on the front of the label
    • Initials of the vendor on the reverse of the label
  • Plants  not in pots should be suitably divided into manageable pieces, wrapped  in polythene and tied so that the contents do not spill out.

  • Sellers should arrive at 7.00 p.m. to be ready to sell from 7.30 p.m.
  • Plant sales must stop at 7.50 p.m to give members time to be seated for the lecture.
  • All plants sold must be placed in carrier bags or boxes to avoid spillage.
  • Anyone selling plants must be responsible for putting up/taking down sales tables.
  • Sellers must cover their tables with polythene.
  • Sellers must provide their own float and carrier bags/boxes.
  • Sellers must bring a cloth, dustpan and brush and clear up any spillage on their sales table and the floor.

We are sorry for all these regulations but it ensures that both the buyers and the hall caretaker are satisfied.

Fagus  members are privileged to obtain valuable discounts from local garden centres.  
Discounts are available from the following Garden Centres upon production of a signed current Fagus membership card, which must be produced at the beginning of the transaction:

Brackenwood, Abbots Leigh
10% on plants only.

Riverside, Clift House Road, Bristol
10% on plants only.

Garden Park Nursery, 100 Clevedon Road, Tickenham
10% on all full price goods.

Notice Board

At  each monthly meeting there is a notice board filled with gardening  related information such as garden visits, gardens open, plant sales and  other items of interest.

As the chairman only has time to read out  Fagus notices at the end of any meeting members are encouraged to  advertise their gardening events.
As space is limited please restrict  posters to A4 or A5.

Make sure that you have a look, as there is always  something of interest.
Showa Gloves

At  monthly meetings Fagus sells Showa gardening gloves at discount prices.   There are three types, all available in small, medium and large:

Showa 310 - a sturdy cotton backed glove suitable for all general gardening work. This glove is also available in size 10/extra-large.

Showa 370 - a lightweight nitrile palmed, cotton backed glove, which is useful when weeding, potting up plants and pricking out.

Showa 451  Thermal - similar to the Showa 310 but with thermal lining.  Great for winter jobs such as picking up leaves, weeding and digging - and as they are safe to come into contact with food, keep a clean pair on one side when you need to defrost the freezer!
Charity Table

Fagus  is keen to support local charities. Members are encouraged to give the  committee names of charities that Fagus might like to support. The  committee choose the charity in March of each year and the funds raised  are given to the charity in the following February.

Our charity for 2019 is Home-Start North Somerset, Support and Friendship for Families.

Being a parent, whatever your situation, can be very difficult, especially when children are young. Many parents feel exhausted and overwhelmed by the stresses of family life, particularly if they have little support from family and friends when they need it most. For some parents it’s a particular struggle because they are also having to cope with issues such as post-natal depression, their or their child’s illness or disability, isolation or multiple birth.
That’s when parents need support.
That’s when Home-Start North Somerset can help.

A carefully selected volunteer, who has parenting experience themselves, regularly visits a family, in their own home, offering emotional and practical support through difficult times for as long as it is helpful or needed. This friendly parent-to-parent support is a simple yet effective way of enabling families to get back on track.

The  money is raised by contributions that members make to the monthly  Charity Table and donations of plants, garden produce, and other garden  related items such as books, seeds and tools are most welcome. Donors  are requested to take home their unsold donations at the end of the  evening.
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