Members Subscriptions

As a result of the local HSBC bank closing in Nailsea and other local areas, we have decided to move our account to Lloyds Bank. They are currently in Nailsea and state they will remain open for the foreseeable future and offer free banking to clubs such as Fagus.

Additionally, HSBC had commenced charging for cheques and for the account.

As a result of this change, every member who has a Standing Order for their Subscriptions to Fagus will need to change their SO mandate with their bank.

Can you please arrange to set up payment with the following details:

To Lloyds Bank, Nailsea

Payable to: Fagus

Sort code: 30-99-50

Ac. No: 41263968

Amount: £18.00 (Single membership) or £25.00 (Joint membership)

Payable: 1st March 2023

Then please DELETE any existing Standing Order to HSBC.

Can you please make this change to your SO before 1st March so that any membership payment goes to the correct account

Many thanks

Tony Picket; Treasurer