Member Lectures

Every month at our members’ meetings we also have a lecture on a gardening topic.

Upcoming Member Lectures

Lecture: Meetings with remarkable vegetables - Adam Alexander Lecture: Meetings with remarkable vegetables - Adam Alexander – Monday, 15 January 2024 at 8:00 pm - 9:15 pm

Lecture (Short Talk) - AGM - Going Underground: How Your Soil Works - Rebecca Searle Lecture (Short Talk) - AGM - Going Underground: How Your Soil Works - Rebecca Searle – Monday, 19 February 2024 at 8:00 pm - 9:15 pm

Lecture: A life in plants - Timothy Walker Lecture: A life in plants - Timothy Walker – Monday, 18 March 2024 at 8:00 pm - 9:15 pm

Joining other members to enjoy lectures by gardening experts on a wide range of topics is the main reason for joining FAGUS.

Lectures are held on the third Monday of the month (December excepted) in the Nailsea Methodist Church Hall, 74 Silver Street, Nailsea. BS48 2DS

Meetings are open from 7.30pm for an 8.00pm start.

Speaker List 1994-

Picton, HelenAugust 2023Daisy Days -the rise, fall and renaissance of Michaelmas daisies
Bourne, ValJune 2023Dahlias - One of my plant passions
Mills, JackyMay 2023A fresh look at the world of container planting
Cross, JamesApril 2023The Bishop's Palace gardens, past present and future
Ross, NeilMarch 2023The 'X' Factor: Top tips for an exciting garden
February 2023The Stanton Drew Handbell Ringers
Nichols, CliveJanuary 2023Photographing plants and gardens
Beardshaw, ChrisNovember 2022Painting with Plants
Payne, MaryOctober 2022Mary Payne interviewed by Tamsin Westhorpe
Edwards, AmbraSeptember 2022What makes a great Head Gardener
Payne, MaryAugust 2022Compton Acres
Dexter, DerekJuly 2022Fuchsias my way
Smith, PhilJune 2022Wollerton Old Hall Garden - A year in the garden
Wills, HowardMay 2022Numbers, patterns & plants
Brown, BobApril 2022ZOOMPlants that have recently grabbed my attention
Shand, ChristinaMarch 2022ZOOMBetween a bog to a hard place
Holland, DebiFebruary 2022Gardeneing for wellbeing
Crouch, KatherineJanuary 2022ZOOMNew Tricks for Old Gardeners
Pavord, AnnaNovember 2021Plant partners
Hoffnung, MargieOctober 2021Garden visiting a very British tradition
Garrett, FergusSeptember 2021ZOOMLayered planting
Buist, JanetAugust 2021ZOOMWonderful world of salvias
Bond, ChristopherJune 2021ZOOMThe five senses of gardening
De Beden, LauraMay 2021ZOOMItalian gardens their beauty meaning & relevance today
Willis, AbigailApril 2021ZOOMThe secret gardens of Somerset
Nex, SallyMarch 2021ZOOMBehind the scenes at Chelsea
Payne, MaryFebruary 2021Minimum effort for maximum effect
Phipps, SueJanuary 2021ZOOMGardening & health
Lerigo, DerrenDecember 2020ZOOMClippings
Scot-smith, TroyNovember 2020ZOOMOld fashioned roses
Westhorpe, TasminOctober 2020ZOOMFrom border to book
Wells, BeckyJune 2020Gravel Gardens
Wiley, KeithJanuary 2020Gardens don't have to be green
Frost, AdamNovember 2019 Adam's Journey Special Lecture
Hamilton, NickOctober 2019Barnsdale after Geoff - 1996 to present day
Westhorpe, TasminSeptember 2019Life on a gardening magazine
Sawday, ElisabethAugust 2019What a lovely thing a rose is
Mikolajski, AndrewJuly 2019The march of the women
Watts, ChrisJune 2019Trees of Tyntesfiled - past present & future
Britten, ToriaMay 2019Growing & arranging cut flowers
Bourne, ValApril 2019The living jigsaw explained
Willgoss, JackMarch 2019The wonderful world of hardy perennial and scented violas
Sperring, ChrisFebruary 2019Climate change & wildlife
Potterton, RobJanuary 2019Nursery challenge quiz
Alexander-Sinclair, JamesNovember 2018Death sex & gardening
Cross, JamesOctober 2018History & development of Bishops Palace gardens
Hart-Dyke, TomSeptember 2018World garden update
Lucas, NeilAugust 2018More wow less work
Avent, TonyMay 2018So many plants so little time - new and garden worthy
Hopes, SamanthaApril 2018Plants with a story
Buttress, JimMarch 201865 years in horticulture
Routley, CyrilFebruary 2018A history of sun dials (AGM)
Bell, YvonneJanuary 2018A garland of edwardian gardens
Wilson, MatthewNovember 2017Gardening in a new climate
Mead, SarahOctober 2017Holt Farm to the Yeo valley organic garden in 25yrs
Thompson, KenSeptember 2017Some modern garden myths
McVicar, JekkaJuly 2017Herbs are more than a garnish
Lovesy, Neil ( Deceased 2020)June 2017The history of the cottage garden
Kelaidis, PanayotApril 2017The new American garden
Little, HilaryMarch 2017Along the floral highway to Patagonia
Foster, TimFebruary 2017
Gregson, Sally2017Epimediums
Walker, TimothyJanuary 2017What have plants ever done for us?
Lancaster, Roy2017A life in plants
Gilmour, PaulDecember 2016Vibrant winter colour
Wyn-jones, BleddynNovember 2016Plant collecting in the mountains of Columbia
Pavord, AnnaOctober 2016Stuff
Christopher, MarinaSeptember 2016The plight of the bee-flowers to the rescue
Brown, BobJuly 2016New gardenworthy plants
Richardson, TimJune 2016The new english garden
Kesteven, DavidMay 2016Horticultural history of the Sitwells
Lindsay, JaneApril 2016A passion for climbers
Rowland, MikeFebruary 2016Lipstick on a gorilla - Monuments & statues of Bristol
Payne, MaryJanuary 2016Winter colour
Gerrish, HelenaOctober 2015Life & work of H Avray - the garden at High Glanau Manor
Jones, Dr MichaelSeptember 2015The work of Carl Linnaeous
Hardy, RosyAugust 2015Summer flowering herbaceous perennials
Scot-smith, TroyJune 2015Revitalising Vita
Springer Ogden, Lauren & ScottMay 2015Plant driven design - honouring plants, place & spirit
Dunnett, Professor NigelApril 2015Rain gardens &other eco-sensitive design
Wray, NickMarch 2015Garden landscapes of Sicily
Packham, DonFebruary 2015My life at Bristol zoo
Chesshire, Charles2015The art of dishevelment
Garrett, FergusJanuary 2015Designing with plants
West, CleveNovember 2014From spuds to Chelsea & back again Special Lecture
Mcindoe, AndrewOctober 2014The Winter garden
Manners, DavidSeptember 2014Wildlife in the garden friend or foe
Merrelt Smith, GinaAugust 2014Marianne North botanical artist
Hughes, KevinJuly 2014Plants for late summer interest
Diacono, MarkMay 2014A taste of the unexpected
Watkins, DerryApril 2014New plant introductions from around the world
Harmer, Jennifer2014Travels with a camera and a smile
Williams, KateFebruary 2014Veg verse for gardeners
Tucker, John2014Romance & humour in the garden
Bailes, ChristopherJanuary 2014Chelsea Physic Garden -Connecting people to plants over three centuries
Beardshaw, ChrisNovember 2013Lazy/lively gardens 100 plants etc Special Lecture
Hitchmaugh, Prof JamesOctober 2013Planting the Olympic Park - Alyssum into the East End
Dilger, MikeSeptember 2013My garden & other animals
Hodge, GeoffAugust 2013Life & times of a gardening editor
Brown, BobJune 2013Plants grow in dirt
Russell, HeatherMay 2013Curious & Curiouser
Alexander-Sinclair, JamesApril 2013Dancing through gardens
Power, AlanMarch 2013History conservation & mangement of the garden at Stourhead
Walker, TimothyJanuary 2013How to be a 21st century gardener
Jones, Dr MichaelNovember 2012Mistletoe: fact, myth & legend
Stephens, HarveyOctober 2012The wonders of Chile National park
Buckland, TobySeptember 2012Flowers: Planting for continuous colour
Salter, TomAugust 2012Bees & beekeeping
Blake, JimiMarch 2012The contemporary mixed border
Rowland, MikeFebruary 2012Humerous reflection on a police career
Russell, TonyJanuary 2012Garden Trees for 21st century
Payne, MaryMarch 2011Lets get growing vegetables
Walker, Timothy2011Sex lies & putrefaction
Alexander-Sinclair, JamesOctober 2010New lawn new plants
Brown, BobAugust 2010The garden makeover makeover
Taylor, DavidJune 2010Pelargoniums
Wallinger, RosamundApril 2010Gertrude Jekyll at Upton Grey
McVicar, JekkaMarch 2010Essential culinary herbs
Rowland, MikeFebruary 2010Clifton Suspension Bridge
Wiley, KeithJanuary 2010Making a new garden at Wildside
Gilmour, PaulNovember 2009Christmas trees
Wells, BeckyOctober 2009Foliage the skeleton of a garden
Beardshaw, ChrisSeptember 2009Gardeners/gardens of the future
Watkins, DerryAugust 2009Unusual & long blooming plants
Pratt, KevinJanuary 2009Poppies
Wray, Nick 2009Namaqualand Namibia
Payne, MaryJune 2008Growing for gold
Crisp,StephenApril 2008Cottage garden design
Gregson, SallyJanuary 2008Winter garden
Walker, TimothyJanuary 2008Sex lies & putrefaction
Dillon, HelenNovember 2007The evolution of a garden
Brown, BobOctober 2007Light in a dark season
Kirkham, TonyJuly 2007Trees around the world
Hart-Dyke, TomMarch 2007The intrepid plant hunter
Hughes, Dr TonyNovember 2006Mountain flowers of Switzerland
Gregson, SallySeptember 2006New cottage gardening
Hurst, KimMay 2006No business like show business
Klein, CarolMarch 2006Plant personalities
Manners, DavidFebruary 2006Orchids of Gt Britain
Lucas, NeilNovember 2005Perennials for the modern garden
Bourne, ValOctober 2005The natural garden
Williams, MedwynSeptember 2005Vegetables for Chelsea
Wareham, AnneJune 2005Veddw House Garden
Wilson, MatthewApril 2005Star plants in small gardens
Anderton, StephenMarch 2005Courageous gardening
Scot-smith, TroyJanuary 2005Garden photography
Russell, TonyOctober 2004Gardens of the Cotswolds
Goodenough, SimonAugust 2004Creating a subtropical garden
Gregson, SallyJuly 2004Hydrangeas
Wray, NickJanuary 2004The varied life of the Botanic gardener
Garrett, FergusJune 2003The garden at Great Dixter
Brown, BobMay 2003A 2nd bucket of flowers
Lacey, StephenMarch 2003The artist gardener
Walker, TimothyJanuary 2003A rockery in the garden
Arbuthnott, JamesNovember 2002Unususal plants for walls & follies
Wiley, KeithSeptember 2002New naturalism
Crouch, KatherineJuly 2002How I won BBC Gardener of the Year
Crisp,StephenMarch 2002Winfield House
Brown, BobSeptember 2001Too many plants too little space
Payne, MaryAugust 2001Gardening with grasses
Yeo, Christine2000Salvias
Watkins, Derry2000Special Plants
Bailes, Christopher2000Brilliant borders
Wyn-jones, Bleddyn1998Plant collecting in Japan & Korea
Walker, Timothy1998Plants of Anatolia
McVicar, Jekka1998Scented & aromatic plants
Brown, Bob1998Talk around a bucket of flowers
Wray, Nick1997South African visit
Walker, Timothy1997Can Americans garden?
Smit, Tim1996Lost gardens of Heligan
Chatto, Beth1996Making a garden from a wilderness
Wray, Nick1995Two forests of Brazil
Lacey, Stephen1995Designing with perennials
Walker, Timothy1994Euphorbias probably the best genus in the world
Lancaster, Roy1994Four seasons in my garden
Gregson, Sally1994History of cottage gardens
Greenwood, Pippa1994Something nasty in the garden